Donations FAQ

Where and what can I donate to Cloop?

There are 2 ways to donate to Cloop

📦Collection box (white) 

Our collection boxes (indoor) accept clean, good quality, great condition:

✅ clothes ✅ bags ✅ shoes ✅ accessories

Cloop will circulate locally through: ♻️ fashion swap ♻️ resale at open wardrobe thrift store/curated bag ♻️ upcycling ♻️ blessings

One location only

📍Cloop HQ at City Sprouts (within Atmosphere Thai Bistro & Bar)

📍102 Henderson Rd, Singapore 159562

🕘 Open daily 10am-10pm, including P.H.

Please wash any good condition clothes that have been kept in the wardrobe for a long time before donating. Thank you!

📦Textile recycling bin (yellow)

Cloop textile recycling bins can accept the following in any clean and dry condition (new/old):

✅ clothes ✅ bags ✅ shoes ✅ accessories ✅ belts ✅ hats/caps ✅ household items such as toys, pillows and linens

Our ISO-accredited recycling partner sorts materials into >500 categories to ensure best outcomes, and zero-waste-to-landfills.

These may include ♻️ resale ♻️ reuse ♻️ upcycle and ♻️ recycling internationally.

📍400+ locations across Singapore (indoor/outdoor)

📍 Locate the Cloop bin near you here: bit.ly/mapcloopbins


What type of textile/clothing do you take?

We have 2 methods of collecting donations.


A: Collection box (white)

We mainly accept good, clean, wearable men’s/women’s fashion items – clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories. Please pre-sort into the following categories:

  • Good – Brand new, Lightly used, Mint, No stains
  • Good but need some restoration – Some stains might be removable, missing buttons which can be replaced easily, or small tears which are repairable.

This will save us some time to inspect every single item donated and treat it accordingly.

Please wash any good-condition clothes that have been kept in the wardrobe for a long time before donating. Thank you for your understanding.

You can drop it off at the Cloop Collection boxes at City Sprouts canteen (within Atmosphere Thai Bistro & Bar) – 102 Henderson Road, S159562. Opens daily from 10am-10pm.


B: Textile recycling bin (yellow/customized design)

We accept clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, belts, caps/hats, and household items such as toys, pillows, and linens, in any clean and dry condition (new/old). If it’s wet, soggy, or mouldy, please dispose of them in the general waste bin.

Items that are contaminated cannot be recycled.

Do you accept mattresses / luggage / furniture (tables, chairs) / stroller / books etc.?

The Cloop recycling bins accept mainly apparel and textiles such as clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, belts, caps/hats, and household items such as toys, pillows, and household linens like towels, curtains, and bedsheets in any clean and dry condition (new/old).

We do not accept mattresses / luggage / furniture / strollers / books at the moment.

For unwanted luggage/furniture that others could reuse, we would recommend blessing it to others directly via freecycle groups on Facebook, such as:

– Singapore Neighbourhood Freecycle 2
– Blessing items for low-income families!
– 1st Dibs Zero Waste Community (Need to follow Journey to Zero Waste life in Singapore FB group first)

There are more that is a keyword search away which you may want to check out and join or using freecycle Apps such as:

– Carousell
– Olio
– Goodhodd
– Upcircle 

Do you take bras/underwear, new and used?

Yes, you can drop them into any of the Cloop textile recycling bins. Locate the one near you here: (bit.ly/mapcloopbins) Please ensure they are clean and dry.

Do you only take good condition donations?

No. Cloop Textile Recycling Bins (yellow) accepts unwanted textiles in any condition (new/old) as long as it’s clean and dry.

What do you do with the donations?

Collection box (white)

Goes directly to Cloop. The collection will be sorted for resale/swap locally or donation/upcycling. We circulate appropriate items to beneficiaries with specific needs.


Textile recycling bin (yellow)

Goes directly to our ISO-accredited recycling partner. The collection will be sorted into >500 categories for reuse, upcycle, and recycle internationally.

How often are the bins cleared? / The bin is full / overspilling.

The bins are cleared on a weekly basis.

If the bins are full:

📞 Contact 3159 5141

⏰ Call operation hours:
Monday-Friday 8.00am – 5.30pm
Saturday 8.00am – 1.00pm

📲 Can’t get through? DM @cloop.sg on IG, Whatsapp: +65 8033 8220,  or email hello@cloop.sg the bin photo and bin # anytime and our recycling partner will ensure that it will be cleared within 24 hours.

Does Cloop also donate clothes?

Yes. We have donated clothes to the migrant workers @ City Sprouts, MINDS, Bread and Butter, HOME, Daughter of Tomorrow, Blessings in a Bag, Frontier Danceland, Orchard Presbyterian Church, and FB freecycle groups. We make sure to curate only the items that the recipients need to ensure all the donated items will not go to waste.

Does Cloop donate money to charity?

Yes. We have channelled part of our swap/shop proceeds to the following organizations:

Charity: Water, World Vision Water Sanitation Initiative, World of First Child Sponsorship, Fashion Revolution, Zero Waste SG, Frontier Danceland, Living Seas, ACRES Singapore, Singapore Wildcat Action Group (SWAG), Books Beyond Borders, Singapore Fashion Runway, Eden Reforestation Projects, Exclusively Mongrels Limited, Samaritans of Singapore, Muhammadiyah Welfare Home (MWH), and counting. It is part of our model to donate part of all our profits to a charity chosen by the team or our volunteers.

Do you do pick up or collection services?

Our capacity is limited. We do charge a pick-up at $100/trip.

However, you can also gogovan/lalamove the items to our Cloop HQ at HQ (within Atmosphere Thai Bistro & Bar)

– 102 Henderson Rd, Singapore 159562
– Daily 10am-10pm

Let us know via hello@cloop.sg or Whatsapp: +65 8033 8220 the date and time of delivery should you decide to go with that option!

Is it possible to deliver by courier service?

Yes. Please PM us @Cloop.sg Instagram the date and time you are planning to arrange the delivery to us. Let the driver know to drop off at the white fashion collection boxes in the Sprouts Hub F&B (Viewdee).

We are based at City Sprouts, 102 Henderson Road, S159562 (opens every day from 10am-10pm)

Is it possible to sell my preloved dresses and shoes to you?

We only accept donations to restore, curate, and circulate within the community. We give back to the community by donating part of our profits to organisations chosen by the team or our volunteers i.e.: Charity: Water, World Vision Water & Sanitation Initiatives, and Child Sponsorship

Shop / Swap FAQ

How does the swap work?

Fee: $35 if you come alone, $30 each when you come with friend(s).

How many to swap: Bring min. 5 to max. 10 clean and great condition items (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories) to swap for up to 10 items – women’s/men’s. You can swap out more items than you bring. You can bring home more than 10 pieces at $10 each. ie: 11th item will be at $10 each. Accessories and basics 3-for-$10, or $4 each.

Each swap slot is 2hrs. Max 10-20 pax each slot depending on the venue capacity. Pre-registration is required for those who wish to swap. This is to ensure a pleasant swapping experience for all.

What kind of items can I expect at the swap?

Clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories of all sorts!

 Styles are carefully selected for the swap and are ready to be worn again. From fashion pieces, clothes for occasions, resort wear, workwear, to casual and active wear.

 If you are feeling overwhelmed with the selections, feel free to approach any of our volunteers for advice, or ask for help at the registration table to consult our style guide for recommendations.

Is it only women's fashion wear?

We focus mainly on women’s fashion wear, and can accept men’s fashion item too.

We may open up kids’ racks on some occasions, depending on our partner’s availability.

Can I pay at the door?

PayNow or Google Pay to 96450616 (CLOOP) prior to the event day to confirm your spot.

Can I just come and don’t swap?

Yes. Walk-ins are welcome to buy second-hand/ preloved items at pay-as-you-wish (min. $10/item).

Priority will be given to those who have pre-registered and subject to the venue capacity. Walk-ins may have to wait till the venue is less crowded to enter.

Pre-registration is still recommended if you would only like to shop. Pre-paid $10 to confirm your spot. This amount can be used to offset your purchases.

Sign up through our “SHOP” page.

Can I donate my items in advance?

Yes. If you have more than 10 clean and good condition items to donate to us. Eg: 7 huge bags or boxes. Else, just bring min.5-10 good condition fashion items to exchange on the Fashion Swap! event day.

What kind of items do you accept for swap?

Good, clean, wearable fashion items – clothes, bags, shoes, accessories. Womens/Mens

Must the items be good condition?

Yes. At the Fashion Swap! pop up, we accept only clean and great condition items. Swappers just need to bring min. 5 to max. 10 items, to swap for up to 10 items.

What’s ‘good condition’ fashion items? How good is good?

Brand new, Lightly used, Mint, No stains

Something you would pass to your loved ones to continue wearing.

Something you would still wear but don’t due to size, style, career, or lifestyle change.

What do you do with the clothes donated / collected?

Items collected are sorted, curated, and recirculated mainly through swap/resale pop-up events, for blessings (appropriate pieces), for repair, redesign, repurpose or upcycling workshops, depending on their quality and conditions.

If I don’t find anything, can I get a refund? Is the $35 refundable if I don't find anything?

Yes, you can get a full refund through PayNow. Our team at the registration table can assist with that. Before exploring refund, consult our style guide for recommendations. 

If I found nothing to swap, can I bring my clothes back?

Yes, you can take your clothes back or choose to donate them to Cloop. Do let us know in advance if you might wish to take your clothes back (if you found nothing) so we will set them aside and not mix with the rest of the swap in items.

How often would the swap be held?

Every other month. Follow us on our social platforms (IG/FB) for updates @cloop.sg

Do you have a retail space?

Yes. Come visit Cloop Open Wardrobe – Singapore’s first honor-system thrift store! Everything is pay-as-you-wish (min. $10/item) except for accessories and basics at 3-for-$10, or $4/item.


Self-service, self checkout using PayNow or Google Pay to 96450616 (CLOOP), bring your own (BYO) shopping bag or help yourself to any shopping bags available.


Cloop Open Wardrobe is located at the following locations:


City Sprouts (102 Henderson Road, S159562) canteen (ViewDee).

Open daily from 10am-10pm.


Shawyard (20 Shaw Road, S367956)

Open daily from 3pm-midnight.

Do you have a permanent space?

We mostly hold Fashion Swap! or Open Wardrobe pop up events at various venues.


Our office is at City Sprouts (102 Henderson Road). Open daily from 10am-10pm. Come visit.


Cloop Open Wardrobe (thrift store) is located at the following locations:


City Sprouts (102 Henderson Road, S159562) canteen (ViewDee). 

Open daily from 10am-10pm.


Shawyard (20 Shaw Road, S367956)

Open daily from 3pm-midnight.

Do I accumulate swap points for future swap?

At the moment, we offer a one time swap option for yourself, or for you and your friend(s) at $35 or $30 respectively. You can also shop any preloved items at pay-as-you-wish (min. $10/item) at any of our pop up events.

Do you organise swaps for others?
Yes, we can organise or support for a service fee. This can be tied in with talks and/or workshops. Please email hello@cloop.sg to find out more.

Adopting a Bin FAQ

How can I (Community Centre, Town Council, mall, condominium management, school, office) adopt a bin (permanent, temporary, donation drive)?

Great to hear about your interest in adopting a Cloop textile recycling bin!

Please reach out to us via the Contact Form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

I (Resident, Public) would like a Cloop bin in my neighbourhood/ town area. How come there's now bin in my area?

To be able to install the bins, we require the support of the venue. Resident’s voices are very important! You can help us get the bin in by writing to your condo mgmt/town council/PA/mall!

Here’s some relevant info that will help: https://cloop.sg/media/.

Please cc us in the email as well so we can share more information when needed – hello@cloop.sg.

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