We appreciate all the help we can get, be it sorting, event day support, promote what we do, design, photography etc.

These are some of the amazing individuals who are a part of Cloop’s journey!


I started volunteering with Cloop for my portfolio to enter poly, and initially thought it would be boring and just another chore I had to do to achieve my goals. Little did I know, I ended up enjoying my time and even hung out with some of the other volunteers even after the event! Despite being the youngest volunteer, as well as being new, they treated me like family and welcomed me with open arms. Filled with sweet, kind people working towards a noble cause, I definitely enjoyed volunteering with them and will continue to whenever I can.


Every time I return to Cloop, it always feels like home where everyone is welcoming and eager to include you in the community! Take initiative in sustainable fashion, hang out with amazing volunteers, and enjoy the time in cloth swap events. Cloop is more than a cloth swap organization. We are a community who are enthusiastic in making positive impact with our heart in sustainability!


I wanted to share my incredible volunteering experience with Cloop. When I first started, I didn’t know what to expect, but being surrounded by other volunteers made the sorting clothes task fun and engaging. Plus, I’ve benefited from having more clothing options at home since my time volunteering with Cloop.

Most of my volunteering sessions have been using my muscles for swap events, but I have also been fortunate enough to take on more responsibilities as an intern. Now, I get to call up volunteers, make new connections, and see regular volunteers, which has allowed me to form new friendships and bonds.

Overall, my time with Cloop has been a positive and rewarding experience. I highly recommend anyone looking to volunteer to consider Cloop.


Volunteering with the hottest eco warriors in Singapore is the most rewarding and intimidating experience I’ve ever had! The beauty and wiles of these girls blew my mind…


Cloop has made me rethink the way I approach fashion and I started to see myself making conscious fashion choices after volunteering with them. When I first started volunteering, I thought it would be challenging because I was new to fashion swaps. However, the volunteers and founders were extremely warm and welcoming, enthusiastically sharing about their cause.

Till today, I’m constantly inspired by the drive of the community to raise awareness about fast fashion and their initiatives. I love how I always learn something new from them about sustainability. If you are new to fashion swaps and sustainability around fashion in general, I greatly recommend volunteering with Cloop 💚


Cloop is really organised when it comes to volunteering. They offer volunteer training sessions for everyone to be caught up to speed, and the community of volunteers they’ve built has made it easy for anyone to come on board to help out! Even though I didn’t know anyone in Cloop before joining, I felt welcomed and knew I was in good hands. As both a volunteer and shopper, Cloop has been great to work with!

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