Collection Box

Our collection boxes are only for clean, good quality, great condition clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories. These items will be curated and circulated through fashion swap, open wardrobe thrift store, and curated bag locally.

📍 City Sprouts (ViewDee)
102 Henderson Rd, Singapore 159562
🕘 Daily 10am-10pm

Please wash any good condition clothes that have been kept in the wardrobe for a long time before donating.

Textile Recycling Bins

Our textile recycling bins accept clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, belts, hats/caps, and household items such as toys, pillows and linens, in any clean and dry condition (new/old).

Our ISO-accredited recycling partner collects and sorts the materials into >500 categories to ensure the best outcome and waste is minimised. These may include resale, reuse, upcycle, and recycle internationally.

📍 Scroll down for the Cloop recycling bin locations.

You can earn 200 points through the susGain app when you donate your unwanted textiles to the Cloop recycling bins.


Find your closest Textile Recycling Bin

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Visit us at City Sprouts (ViewDee)
102 Henderson Road
Singapore 159562